• pnw

    spring snow | gothic peak

    Melty snow, warm weather, partly cloudy skies. It's been years since I've been standing on a peak in the Mountain Loop Highway. Last time was on Vesper... // 4000 ft gain . 6213 ft peak . 11 miles

  • alps,  europe

    spirit gorge | mittenwald

    Alrighty, this blog post is coming quite a while after the actual trip. It's such a short hike that I was debating if I should write up a post, but here we are. And I'm here to share a short…

  • alps,  europe

    a gorge-ous green | verdon gorge

    When you think of France, do you simply think of Paris? What about the Côte d'Azur (French Riviera)? Or fields of lavender in Provence? But have you heard of Gorges du Verdon in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence?...

  • alps,  europe

    the adventure capital | interlaken

    Ever wonder what it's like to go to an outdoor adventure capital? Queenstown may be the most well known in New Zealand, but in Switzerland, Interlaken is the adventure capital, situated in the Bernese Alps. It's just one short train...