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Alhambra from the hills

My heart lies in the mountains and the wilderness, but sometimes, I’m entirely captivated by how little towns embrace the mountain life. Such is like Granada. It sits at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. No, I’m not talking about California. I’m talking about the real Sierra Nevada in Spain. Though Granada is hardly a town anymore, it still has a small town feeling, you can easily walk everywhere and find glimpses of the mountains in between the moorish buildings.


Sierra Nevada
White stucco

Even in the depths of winter, the architectural beauty is hard to describe. Just look at the intricate tile designs, reminiscent of that I saw in Porto. But of course, in the moorish style. Although most of Spain has its unique culture and architecture, Granada is a little slice of that 13th century influence that still exists today. I was blown away by the colors, especially the contrast between the white alabaster stucco walls and burnt orange clay roof tiles. I could easily wander around for hours, getting lost in the windy roads, finding back ways and little cat cafés.

But the pinnacle of Granada is the famous moorish palace, the Alhambra de Granada and Generalife. A visit to the city without touring them would be great mistake. It’s well-organized so you wouldn’t stand in lines to see the entire residence. Included in the ticket is a pre-determined time to enter the Nasrid Palaces and the rest of the time, you’re free to wander around the complex.

And goodness, I can’t end without talking about the delicious food. Well, maybe all of Spain has amazing food, but we were able to hop from bar to bar and try tapas from multiple restaurants each night. A dream to relive. The alleyways are open enough that it doesn’t feel overly crowded, but intimate enough to feel like you’re a local, rather than a tourist.

Photos shot on Canon Rebel T6

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